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Have you been using CBD oil for some time now but not really feeling any different? Maybe you’ve not really noticed any benefits and are thinking about giving up on CBD. Everyone told you how great this new product was but as far as you’re concerned you might as well have been using cooking oil. So why isn’t CBD working for you?

Okay first things first, CBD is not a miracle cure. There is absolutely no guarantee that it will have any positive effect on your well-being from day one. As much as there may be thousands of users singing its praises there is no guarantee that CBD will start working immediately for your personal individual body make up. And we’ve discussed the workings of our individual endocannabinoid system (ECS) previously HERE.

So the biggest reason why it’s ‘not working’ for you is that CBD is not like flicking an on/off switch. For some users it has an immediate benefit but for others it is a longer process. CBD is working with your ECS all the time and the results may show in days, weeks, months or even years. In essence your future self will reap the rewards of the CBD you take today.

Look at this as an investment into your own health. We find it easy to invest for the future where money, property and holidays are concerned but tend to hold back a little with our health, especially if we feel we are currently ‘quite healthy’.

Another reason is your own ECS just isn’t cooperating with the additional CBD you are taking as efficiently as another persons. There isn’t much you can do about this other than give it time. If your body says ‘Not Yet’ then it’s just a waiting game. But don’t give up just yet as the reason why your body is not responding may not be down to it blocking any CBD benefits but more down to the particular type of CBD you are taking.

CBD is still a pretty much new phenomena to us. As much as we know (or think we know) about CBD there is still an infinite amount we don’t know, and probably never will. A thousand testimonials will vouch for the benefits it provides so it goes without saying that it is a good thing but it is still a completely natural product that works in a way that only nature can truly understand. As such every cannabis plant has a slightly different make-up just as us humans do too.

Even two identical brands of CBD can have different effects and benefits to the same user. They can be the exact same strength with the exact same ingredients and CBD grade but still work differently on the same person.

We have seen users move from one brand, due to not receiving any benefits, and see amazing results from another similar brand. We are not talking about the cheap, fake brands that are popping up everywhere but reputable brands with legitimate lab reports to confirm the product content.

This is not a ‘put down’ of any particular brand because in all honesty even we have had a small number of customers tell us another brand seems to be working better for them so they have switched. We love to hear this because, even though we are a business, our love for CBD and its benefits always comes first. On the flip side we get a lot more customers switching from other brands over to us!

The main point of this post is to reassure you about CBD and not to give up too early in the journey. Every brand of CBD may work differently for you. Every little factor plays a part such as the actual batch of plants used, the time of year they were cultivated, the field they were grown in, the ‘food’ they were fed, they farm that produced them, the factory that extracted the oil, the equipment they used and the time it was bottled and so on.

Everything plays a part in the effectiveness of any given CBD oil product.

So, the first tip is to always go with a reputable brand and don’t be afraid to ask about exact ingredients, content and lab reports.

Secondly, after about a couple of months, if you see no real benefit then by all means go with another brand. If after trying three different brands it could simply be that your body is not showing any benefits as immediately as you had hoped for and is actually working on your long term health. Your body probably doesn’t need to be optimised just yet but may do some years down the line.

It could even be that the benefits are subtle and not that noticeable until you stop taking CBD. Then you begin to realise that your sleep isn’t as peaceful as before, that slight nagging pain is coming back or your mood just doesn’t seem right. If that’s the case, get back on the CBD!

And feel free to ask questions, as many as you need to – our advice is always free!