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Now that CBD is available in so many (ever increasing) forms we do regularly get asked about which is the best way to take CBD. The simple answer is whichever way you are most comfortable with, there is no right or wrong way as each method will bring about some benefit. Here’s some of the current most popular ways:

CBD Oil Drops/Tinctures

There is no difference between the term ‘drops’ and ‘tinctures’ as it all relates to a small pipette that releases oil when squeezed. In the UK we prefer the term ‘drops’ while our cousins in the USA prefer ‘tincture’.

Either way this has long been the most popular and recommended method as it allows for extremely fast absorption into the system and minimises any wastage and a 10ml bottle of CBD oil should provide around 200 drops.

Simply place the required number of drops under your tongue and let them sit there for about one minute. Then just swallow anything that is left.

The only downside is that, unless you use a mirror to view, it is a little hard to see exactly how many drops have been released into your mouth.

CBD Capsules

Using capsules is probably the easiest way to add CBD to your life as a daily supplement. It is much easier to take than tinctures or drops as you can take them on the go. Additionally, if you take vitamins (or any other supplements), you can just add CBD pills to your daily intake.

Capsules typically offer 10-25mg of CBD. Since each capsule offers a set amount of CBD, it is much easier to keep track of your daily serving size. On the flip side, CBD pills are limiting when you are trying to increase your serving size or tweaking it to find what dosage works best for you.

CBD capsules are also slower when it comes to releasing the CBD into your system so can take longer to kick in.

CBD Topicals

More brands have started to add CBD in topicals, such as lotions, creams, soaps, balm etc. CBD topicals are known to help with chronic pain, inflammation, acne, psoriasis, eczema and may other long term skin conditions.

The type of topical you use will depend on what you are looking at treating. Creams and lotions are absorbed quickly into the skin whereas balms tend to sit on the surface for longer. A bit of trial and error will soon establish which works best for your particular ailment.

As you can imply, using CBD infused topical layers are meant to help more directly with skin or joint related issues and feedback shows they work even better when combined with CBD oral drops.

CBD Sprays

CBD sprays are typically the weakest in concentration among the different type of CBD products and are usually taken instead of CBD oil drops. It is also harder to measure the exact dosage you take each day, since sprays are a bit more inconsistent. They are also prone to more wastage as the spray is released.

The popularity of sprays is more down to the fact that they are easy to carry around and use while you’re on the move. As you can imagine, it’s easier to use spraying the oil into your mouth a couple times, than using drops.

CBD Vapes

Based on reviews, smoking or vaporizing CBD vape oil seems to have fewer effects when compared to other methods of administering CBD, such as tinctures and capsules. However, others argue that smoking or vaporizing could be a quicker way to ingest CBD even when compared to drops. This has yet to be proven.

We found that if vaping is part of your normal routine then it makes sense to replace your vapes with CBD vapes. This way you still get to enjoy your pastime and receive a huge benefit at the same time.

It is unlikely anyone who doesn’t vape regularly will choose vaping CBD as their primary method.

CBD Edibles

Among the other types of CBD products, edibles are gaining a lot of popularity as they offer an enjoyable and tasteful way to take CBD. However, the main problem with these applications is that it’s hard to vouch for the consistency of your intake compared to the other types listed above.

That said they provide a great way to top up your daily CBD intake especially when they come in handy candy form or relaxing tea and coffee form.