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If you’ve been keeping up with the latest on CBD oil in the UK, you’re sure to know that more people are using CBD oil than ever. That said ther is still a bit of a stigma attached to anyting ‘cannabis’ related so it’s only fair to be asked the question, is CBD Legal in the UK?

In recent years, the number of CBD oil users in the UK has increased an impressive amount and this has led to an increased interest in what it is and what it does. Anyone who’s familiar with cannabis oil will know that it is a substance that is extracted from the cannabis plant itself, but not everyone knows where the UK stands on its use.

The legality of CBD oil in the UK is something that’s highly debated, with the exact laws proving to be confusing for most. Whereas some people believe that it should be illegal, many people think the opposite. In fact, there are entire organisations dedicated to legalising CBD oil consumption. Impressively, these made a difference when CBD oil was legalised last year. Currently, CBD oil is legal throughout the UK.

CBD Oil Is Legal in the UK 

There’s a great deal of confusion around CBD oil UK law, with a lot of people assuming that it is illegal. However, this isn’t the case. Currently, the latest news is that CBD is completely legal in the UK. This is because CBD is not a controlled substance and therefore there are no restrictions over its use.

If the CBD product was derived from one of the 63 industrial hemp strains that have been approved by the EU, it is 100% legal. The change in the law came into effect last year and it’s looking as though it’s here to stay. However, that’s not to say that all cannabis oil can be used.

Cannabis oil itself is still illegal to possess, buy and sell in the UK. Nevertheless, the law has recently changed to recognise CBD as a medicine. This means that in regard to medicine, CBD is legal. So, though you’re not able to buy and sell all cannabis oil freely, many people are able to legally use CBD oil in the UK for medicinal purposes. In short, CBD oil is legal for medicinal use.

When focusing on CBD oil being legal in the UK, it’s important to consider THC. THC is the chemical in CBD that’s responsible for causing the high that’s often associated with cannabis use, and THC is illegal. Therefore, though CBD is completely legal there are strict restrictions over its THC content. Currently, CBD oil in the UK can only have a maximum THC content of 0.2%. Any CBD oil with a higher THC content remains to be illegal and use is prohibited.

CBD Oil Is Being Sold on the UK High Street

Using CBD oil in the UK is a relatively new thing and there are still people that aren’t entirely on board with its use. But, it is slowly gaining popularity with more and more CBD oil UK sites appearing online. People are beginning to see that there are many benefits to taking it and that a lot of symptoms can be improved with a small dose.

For example, some cancer sufferers claim that CBD oil helps to reduce many of their worst symptoms. Similarly, many people suffering with a severe amount of pain claim that CBD oil reduces this significantly. CBD oil is even thought to boost appetite and help those who have trouble sleeping.

This increase in people using CBD oil for medicinal purposes is largely due to the fact that it is being sold on the UK high street. Simply, a lot more people are aware of its benefits and are now able to get their hands on it with ease. Plus, it’s available for an affordable price. A range of key health food store found throughout the UK are now selling CBD oil to customers, as well as those online. Since doing this, it is thought that CBD oil UK sales have sky rocketed.

There are several different ways to take CBD oil, which means there’s something for everyone. Whereas some people choose to take a dose directly into their mouth, using a dropper or a easy to use mouth spray, others prefer to absorb it through the skin; this can be done by adding CBD oil to moisturisers, lotions, patches and waiting for it to slowly sink in.

However, one of the most popular ways to take CBD oil is through vaping. Though it doesn’t matter too much how you take CBD oil, vaping is one of the more enjoyable ways. With a lot of different products to choose from, many people choose to smoke and inhale their CBD dosage with a vaping device.

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