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Amidst all the confusion about CBD measurements most customers just have one simple question. How much CBD is in one drop of oil? And really this is all you need to know when comparing different brands and sizes.

Something else we get asked a lot about is CBD percentages and milligrams. What do they mean? How do you work them out? How much do you need? What about bottle sizes? And so on. Let’s try and clear up some of the confusion without confusing you even more!

When you do a quick search on the net you are presented with many articles trying to explain this but it seems unless you have a degree in mathematics it makes no sense at all to the average CBD user.

We’ve decided to leave the techy math stuff alone and just show you how to work it all out in simple layman’s terms. But first let’s talk about size and why bigger isn’t necessarily better.

Size Isn’t Everything!

You may have noticed that CBD oil is now coming in various bottle sizes. These bottles are measured in millilitres (ml). The standard size of a CBD bottle was 10ml but now there are bigger bottles appearing such as 15ml, 20ml and even up to 50ml. So why isn’t bigger better?

Well, it’s not so much the size of the bottle but how much CBD it actually contains. If a 10ml bottle is labelled as 1500mg that means there are 1500 milligrams of CBD in the whole bottle.

However if a 30ml bottle also states 1500mg then that means there is 1500mg of CBD in the whole 30ml bottle. Meaning the CBD is more diluted and therefore weaker. A drop of oil from the 30ml bottle will contain less CBD (3 times less) than a drop of oil from the 10ml bottle.

So to achieve the same dosage you will require more drops from the 30ml bottle then you would from the 10ml bottle. That’s why it doesn’t always make sense to go for a bigger bottle as it won’t necessarily last any longer. As well as comparing bottle prices look at how much CBD per drop the bottle provides (we’ll come to this in a bit).

Bottle Labelling

Most CBD oil bottles will state how many milligrams (mg) of CBD it contains but how does this equate to a percentage? What percentage does a 10ml bottle labelled as 1500mg actually contain?

Although it’s easier to work with milligrams when taking CBD, here’s the simplest way of working out the CBD percentage in a relatively maths free way.

If a 10ml bottle says it has 1500mg CBD in it then divide 1500 (the mg) by 10 (the bottle size) which gives you 150. Divide this by 10 which gives you 15. That’s the percentage of CBD in that whole bottle – 15%!

Now if you look at a 30ml bottle which also states 1500mg you can divide 1500 (the mg) by 30 (the bottle size) giving you 50. Then divide by 10 which leaves you with 5. That’s only 5% CBD in the entire 30ml bottle.

So, as mentioned earlier above, you would require three times as many drops from the 30ml bottle to receive the same amount of CBD as the 10ml bottle.


That’s Great, But All I Want To Know is How Much CBD Is In One Drop Of Oil?

And when it comes down to CBD dosage this is really all you need to know; the actual milligrams of CBD per drop. Again pretty easy to work out using our no-nonsense formula:

1.       Check your bottle and see what size it is (in millilitres) and how much CBD it contains (in milligrams). Example 1500mg of CBD in a 10ml bottle

2.       Now divide the CBD milligrams by total number of drops in the bottle (use our chart below). In this example 1500 divided by 200 equals 7.5

3.       There’s your answer! One drop of oil from a 10ml bottle containing 1500mg of CBD is 7.5 milligrams

To work out how many drops there are in each size of bottle just remember that every 10ml of oil contains approx 200 drops

How much CBD in one drop of oil

You should be able to work out drops in any bottle size as long as you remember that every 10ml = 200 drops (approx)

Let’s use the same formula on a 30ml bottle containing 1500mg of CBD

  • 1500 (mg) divided by 600 (total drops in bottle) equals 2.5
  • That’s 2.5mg of CBD per drop from this bottle

Just use this simple formula when comparing products to see which one gives you the most milligrams of CBD per drop.

Many customers tend to go for ‘bigger’ bottles assuming better value when in fact they are getting a much lower dose of CBD per drop. This means they have to take more drops so the bottle finishes quicker anyway.

Now I Get It! So How Many Milligrams Do I Actually Need Per Day?

We have a page on dosage HERE but here is a chart for guidance purposes based on your bodyweight and reason of use. It shows suggested mg of CBD per day:

CBD Dosage Guide

Hopefully you will now have a better understating of how CBD measurement works and how much you might need. But as always if you have any questions at all, no matter how small or irrelevant you think they may be, Just get in touch here.